XRick (S60 3rd) 0.10

Revist the classic Rick Dangerous on your phone


  • Faithful recreation
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Dated graphics
  • Lots of bugs


If you're over the age of about 20 and like computer games, then no doubt you've encountered Rick Dangerous at some point in your life. The all-action hero did to gaming what Indiana Jones did for cinema, and made a couple of outings on both the Amiga and Atari.

Now he's back, or at least the game is back, thanks to this clone for Symbian-based phones. In fact, it's virtually exactly the same as you'll remember it in terms of its graphics and playability. In case you didn't play the original, it's basically a platformer in which you must solve puzzles, nail enemies and collect objects.

Of course, the graphics aren't nearly as good as most of today's arcade hits, but there are some gameplay formats that never date - and this is one of them. It's quite a challenge, albeit a very linear one, in which you'll basically end up memorising the patterns of play and restarting when you die, rather than devising any kind of strategy or tactics.

This version is still a development release so expect a few bugs. As the developer points out, there's no front-end, the sound has too much static noise, and the game crashes when the screen orientation changes.

Some might say these quirks actually add to the retro feel of the game and help to make XRick a cracking conversion of a platform classic.

Rick Dangerous was the man in two platform games released by Core Design (the makers of Tomb Raider) in the 1980s. He was a sort of superhero. In the first game, he was an Indiana Jones-like character, while in the second one, he was more like Flash Gordon. In this version, her goes back to his roots in an entertaining action game for Nokia devices.

Rick can jump and climb, and carry a limited amount of bombs and ammunition for his gun. The gun is mostly used to shoot enemies (although most traps that can kill Rick can also kill his enemies if used correctly); the bombs are generally used for puzzle solving, such as blowing out certain blocks (of course, some of them fly towards the explosion, potentially killing Rick in the backfire). Rick is also armed with a pogo stick (in the first game) or just his fist (in the second) that allows him to paralyze enemies with split-second timing.

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XRick (S60 3rd) 0.10

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